Thursday, April 11, 2013

just call me the "bag lady"

I have a slight obsession with bags, but not just any bags, I am obsessed with Vera Bradley bags. I have  many various sizes, shapes and patterns from almost every collection she's created over the past couple years. I only buy Vera Bradley bags too (yeah..I'm a bag snob).

So, when Stella & Dot announced they were launching a bag line as part of their Summer collection I was excited to see what they would come up with. I was also a little conflicted about the quality of the bag, because I'm a Vera Bradley snob and Vera rocks!

Today, I'm trying out the Getaway-Multistripe. So far--very impressed!

#1: the bag comes with a strap so I can use it for school, extreme shopping excursions, traveling, meetings..etc.

#2: this quarter of school is completely miserable and requires me to be on my computer close to the entire day...challenge #1: Fit my laptop and charger in the bag comfortably= mission accomplished.

#3: besides the laptop I needed to fit the following items: water bottle, planner, shoes, folder, and pencil bag (yes, I am 23 and use a pencil bag)...challenge #2: Fit all those items and be able to zip the bag= mission accomplished.

The bag is much larger than I thought, it's also a very deep bag. It is lacking internal pockets, but there is an external pouch perfect for fitting keys, phone, wallet..etc.

Coming from a snobby bag junkie- this bag was a great purchase!
You can purchase your Getaway-Multistripe at

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  1. I am loving these new bags!! The How Does She Do It bag is gorgeous! :)

    And I love Vera Bradley too:)