Sunday, July 15, 2012

Be Charming...

The new Charms collection has be launched! It's a really, really cool line and is perfect for a more "customized" gift. There is definitely something for everyone!

The way charms work is you pick the chain (the delicate chain works the best), and add the charm combo you want!

Here's a preview:

These are 4 of the new necklaces you could choose and add charms to them to make them your own: 
Upper Left Box: With Love Necklace
Upper Right Box: Soar Necklace
Lower Left: Lucky Charm Necklace
Lower Right: Tree of Life Necklace. 

Here are some of the new charms!
The left column: Signature Initial charm, Mom charm, Faith charm
The right column: Birthstone charm, Grandma charm, Queen Bee charm

These are the charms where you can add them to any of the necklaces above OR you could pick your own chain and start making a charming combo!

Here is my charm necklace combo:
The Faith charm- silver
Signature Initial charm- letter "E"
Birthstone charm- October

All on a silver chain necklace.

You can find all of the charm collection at

I also encourage you to view the Fall Mini Look Book online at:

To view the entire Fall collection:

Until next charming my friends :)

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