Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Meet Gigi

These little beauties are available in black and "bright orange," but the "bright orange" they speak of looks red. I love these little gems so much; I wear them with the Olivia Bib and get a million complements on the duo EVERY time I wear them. I'm really serious; currently I'm gimping around because I herniated a disc in my there's definitely a reason to stare at me. 
Point of the rant: these little gems are worth splurging for :)

Back to the's how these earrings got their name!

"I chose the name "GiGi" in remembrance of my mom, Gina Gambarelli. GiGi was a very strong-willed, bold woman who ran a tight ship with her four young children. She always showed us that to be happy, you have to love what you are doing and do your best. Stella & Dot has empowered me both as a mom and a businesswoman. I enjoy working as hard as I can to build a business that helps others feel empowered and strong. I love sharing the success and teaching my children to be passionate about what they do. I know my mom GiGi would be proud."

Get your pair here:

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