Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How I Wear Stella & Dot

Here's a little bit about me....which will explain my outfit choices
What I do: Chiropractic Student

Clinic dress code: Business attire. In my head business attire=boring. We can wear skirts that come to our knee, but frankly I don't agree with that. Shoes HAVE TO BE CLOSED TOE. When I'm adjusting my patient, the last thing I want to think about is a wardrobe malfunction and giving one of my patients a show. Therefore MY dress code consists of dress pants or kahki's. A shirt of some type (tank, tee, etc..), and flats. 

Outfit #1- I wore this last week....I think?!
Shirt= The Limited (a while ago)
Pants= Kahki's from Gap
Shoes= Target (a while ago)

Bracelet= Tempest Bracelet
Earrings= Soiree Studs- Gold

Outfit #2- What I wore today! 
(Today was a casual day...I'm exhausted. It's lab finals week and next week is finals week. Yuck!)
Shirt= Gap
Pants= Gap

Necklace=  It's a bee..it's retired from the Stella & Dot collection now
Earrings= Paradise Studs

Side note: I wear studs 95% of the time..I think big earrings and hoops look funky on me. It's also hard to show an exact picture of the earring I'm wearing...and I'm not posting a picture of my earlobe on the internet. Sorry :) 

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