Thursday, November 1, 2012

WIWW and November Specials!

What I Wore Wednesday

Sweater: Gap
Undershirt: Gap
**I wore this with darker gray khaki's and nude flats**

(the other one is the copper cup chain--not available anymore)
RingTrilogy Ring

November is here and that means NEW specials!

For every $50 that is spent while shopping in a trunk show, you have the option of getting certain items at 50% off. The items that are available for 50% off are shown on this handout. 
My personal favorite is the Astor 5 Strand. It's my favorite for a few reasons, the first is I've NEVER seen this necklace in the collection- but I think it is absolutely amazing. Think of putting it with a solid color top and you have turned a simple outfit, into something amazing. 
Second, it's $158 at full price, and by just spending $50, you get the necklace for $79...if your order was exactly $50 and then you add this to your order- you just bought more jewelry (for a lesser price) than the cost of this necklace at full price...which if your special someone is like my boyfriend, he would be impressed I thought about how to stretch my budget and get more for my buck
 (even though, he would really look at me like "seriously, more jewelry")

Since you only get this deal by shopping through a trunk show I have 2 options for you:
1. Host a trunk show with me! Send me an email, let's chat!
Send me an email (

2. You can shop an existing trunk show by using this link
This show is hosted by a fellow blogger
 (follow her blog: A Modern Day Fairy Tale)
She is not only hosting an online show, but she has a Stella & Dot giveaway going right now. So, head on over to her blog, follow her, enter the giveaway and SHOP! 
I met Randi, the hostess of the show, by her winning my first giveaway I did on my blog. I started to read her blog, and through her posts realized that her son has Autism. Her blog hit straight to my heart; I've worked with many autism children before, my sorority supports Autism Speaks, and as a future chiropractor I have made it my mission to help as many of these kids and families as possible. Randi is an amazing mom, and I am so happy that she posts often about her son and their family life with an autistic child. 
Like I said, she's amazing- follow her blog, enter her giveaway, and shop her show!
The holiday's are going to be here before we know it, make shopping easy on yourself this year and let Stella & Dot help you! 
Shop Randi's show with this link:

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