Sunday, November 4, 2012

Gift Carding...

Gifting has gotten so much cards are finally here! They are available in an actual card or electronically! I am really excited about these because it takes the pressure off of finding that perfect gift! Around the holiday's I always run into the "Welllll....I really like this (gift), but will they like it?"

Well, gift cards take care of all problems! Get your gift cards today!
Ladies...this is also the PERFECT gift for your favorite guy to get you. Let's be real, they don't have to worry about ANYTHING! This would be a perfect option for my favorite guy! He's very thoughtful, but just isn't the best at giving gifts. For example, last year for Christmas one of my gifts I was given were Brita water filters, and the new Transformers movie (I don't even like Transformers, and water filters aren't a great Christmas gift.... but, he likes Transformers and couldn't justify buying the movie for himself). This year for my birthday, he got me spark plugs. Yes, spark plugs that go in your car..that was my gift. Again, he's not the best gift giver...but bless his heart for trying! He has many other fabulous qualities, that make him very lovable!!

Back to the cards: just enter the amount wanted on the gift card, you get the card AND get to pick out all of your favorite Stella & Dot items!

Head on over to my webpage and check out the entire line, and get your gift card today!
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