Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Inspired Style: Olivia Bib Necklace

Before I get to the story behind the Olivia Bib, I want to take a moment and gush about how much I love this piece. When I was ordering my Fall samples, I wasn't sure if I should order this piece. It was kind of expensive, I wasn't sure if I would actually wear it....and if I did wear it, would I look totally ridiculous in it. Since I am a new stylist and booking shows has been a slow process for me I waited a few days to think "logically" about the purchase..really I just could hear my boyfriend's voice in my head saying to me "do you NEED it, or do you just really WANT it.." I decided I needed it (logical, I know).

Let's just say I have worn this piece probably 3 times,  and I have gotten TONS of complements every time I've worn it. I've worn this necklace (paired with the Gigi earrings) with black, green, and blue tops. I'm sure it would look amazing with other prints and stripes. It's a show stopper, and I highly recommend it. It seriously takes an "okay" or "average" outfit to an "awesome" outfit.

Alright...back to how the Olivia Bib got its name:

"My daughter, Olivia inspires me with her incredible sense of style. From a very young age, she would just put crazy things together. Olivia can mix feminine pieces with boyish or edgier items and they just "work." Whether she is going to school, work, or out hiking, she never leaves the house without making some sort of fashion statement! She LOVES Stella & Dot and wears it everyday. Taking a statement necklace and wearing it with a plaid flannel shirt or loading up her arms with wrap bracelets. Her style is unexpected, and so inspiring!"

If you are LOVING this necklace as much as I do I HIGHLY encourage you to check it out on my website

So..okay, you love it but it's kind of a "budget breaker" for you..I get it, really I do (I'm a chiropractic student) here are a few options for you:
1. Host a trunk show (online or in person)
:by hosting a show, YOU can earn this necklace for FREE

2. You look at my website and fall in LOVE with the entire collection
:YOU can become an Independent Stylist just like me

Still have questions? Leave me a comment or send me an email at enanderson18@gmail.com

Monday, July 30, 2012

Magazine Monday

Confession: I indulge in watching The Bachelorette. The show is cheesy, and has a less than spectacular record of couples staying together...but I don't really care. I tune in every Monday night at 8pm and indulge.
This season Emily Maynard (the bachelorette) wore Stella & Dot almost every episode..if not every episode. She is a sweet southern girl with impeccable style.
Just a few weeks ago she picked her final guy: "1 F Jef" who also has a unique sense of style. After the final episode airs and the "winner"/"fiancee" is revealed, the couple then hits the road for interviews with the major TV networks and magazines.  The picture I've included is from last week's issue of People magazine (my other indulgence).
Emily is wearing the new Sparkly Bardot Bangle from the fall collection and the Carobella Hoops- Rose Gold.
Both of these are fantastic pieces! See the rest of Stella & Dot's collection at www.stelladot.com/EricaNAnderson

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tribute for a Cure!

Do you know someone who has been affected by ovarian cancer? Join us for a Tribute for a Cure! During the weekend of July 27-29, all net proceeds from the Tribute Bracelet will go to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund!! Contact me if you're interested in purchasing a Tribute Bracelet or shop here: 

Friday, July 27, 2012

24-hour deal featured on GMA!

Amazing 24-hour deal featured on Good Morning America!!! 
Get the Corso cuff (regularly $59) for $17.70 and the matching earrings (regularly $39) for $11.70!

Get this deal at www.stelladot.com/EricaNAnderson -- no promo code needed.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Meet Gigi

These little beauties are available in black and "bright orange," but the "bright orange" they speak of looks red. I love these little gems so much; I wear them with the Olivia Bib and get a million complements on the duo EVERY time I wear them. I'm really serious; currently I'm gimping around because I herniated a disc in my back..so there's definitely a reason to stare at me. 
Point of the rant: these little gems are worth splurging for :)

Back to the story...here's how these earrings got their name!

"I chose the name "GiGi" in remembrance of my mom, Gina Gambarelli. GiGi was a very strong-willed, bold woman who ran a tight ship with her four young children. She always showed us that to be happy, you have to love what you are doing and do your best. Stella & Dot has empowered me both as a mom and a businesswoman. I enjoy working as hard as I can to build a business that helps others feel empowered and strong. I love sharing the success and teaching my children to be passionate about what they do. I know my mom GiGi would be proud."

Get your pair here: www.stelladot.com/EricaNAnderson

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fall Favorite #1

Now that I've received my Fall line samples and have had the chance to wear a few of the pieces I thought I would dish on a few of my favorites...

My first favorite is the: Olivia Bib Necklace
I have worn this with black, blue and green tops....it's fabulous with all 3 colors. I have also received SO many complements on this necklace. The piece really speaks for itself...it's preppy, chic and knows how to make a bold statement. 

I wore this necklace with the Gigi Studs (I'm a stud girl..not so much hoops), Bardot Spiral Bangle in gold (hands down...my favorite piece EVER), Secret Garden Ring.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Inspired by Style: ARC Earrings

Today's Inspired by Style spotlight is on the new ARC Earrings. These earrings are delicate, elegant stone earrings that are universally flattering and add the perfect touch of polished style to ANY look! Theses earrings are near and dear to Stella & Dot's Senior Director, Carla Greengrass--these little beauties are names after her grandmother, Ann. 

Carla's story: 
"I chose the name ARC because these are the initials of my beloved grandma, Ann. She was a strong, independent, elegant, and loving woman who I adored with all of my heart, and miss dearly. Though she's been gone for a long time, her impact on my life was substantial and has influenced who I am today. 
She would have loved Stella & Dot, not only because she understood the power of fashion, but also because of the entrepreneurial opportunity it provides women. Back in the '50s, she entered the workforce out of necessity, leveraging her smarts, style and heart of gold to build a hugely successful business. I like to think I'm following in her footsteps and can think of no better way to honor her legacy than with these gorgeous earrings."

Want these little jewels? Visit www.stelladot.com/EricaNAnderson

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Meet Lucia

Stella & Dot names their jewelry after strong, inspiring women. Stylist Kristen Weiss named this gorgeous necklace after her grandmother and her daughter. 

Meet Lucia: 
"I chose the name Lucia because it represents two of the most treasured people in the world to me. My husband and I named our beautiful daughter, Lucia, after my beloved grandmother. My grandmother, Lucia Neri Copolino was an Italian immigrant with a fierce sense of loyalty to her family and a heart full of love. She had an incredible work ethic and lived her life with a sense of grace, dignity and daily kindness towards others. 
Cherished memories of my grandmother in her kitchen, preparing our Sunday family feasts fills my heart because her effort to create quality time as a family was of the utmost importance. My grandmother was a bit of a fashionista back in her day and I know she would be tickled pink by having a piece of jewelry named after her."

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Be Charming...

The new Charms collection has be launched! It's a really, really cool line and is perfect for a more "customized" gift. There is definitely something for everyone!

The way charms work is you pick the chain (the delicate chain works the best), and add the charm combo you want!

Here's a preview:

These are 4 of the new necklaces you could choose and add charms to them to make them your own: 
Upper Left Box: With Love Necklace
Upper Right Box: Soar Necklace
Lower Left: Lucky Charm Necklace
Lower Right: Tree of Life Necklace. 

Here are some of the new charms!
The left column: Signature Initial charm, Mom charm, Faith charm
The right column: Birthstone charm, Grandma charm, Queen Bee charm

These are the charms where you can add them to any of the necklaces above OR you could pick your own chain and start making a charming combo!

Here is my charm necklace combo:
The Faith charm- silver
Signature Initial charm- letter "E"
Birthstone charm- October

All on a silver chain necklace.

You can find all of the charm collection at www.stelladot.com/EricaNAnderson

I also encourage you to view the Fall Mini Look Book online at: http://shop.stelladot.com/style/b2c_en_us/lookbook/fall-2012-mini-look-book.html

To view the entire Fall collection: 

Until next time...be charming my friends :)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fabulous Fall Line is HERE!

It's here! It's here! The fall line is HERE!

This post is dedicated to the New Romantics Collection
This new line is absolutely fabulous! The collection was inspired by a trend of new romantics. With inspiration from the Victorian era up to the 50s with lots of embellishment and sparkle. Much of this collection was inspired by the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The color palette is a mixed plating (black and gold, rose gold,  hematite, silver), pearls, matte black and  of course...sparkle!

Look #1

Necklace: Ginger Layering Necklace
Layers of chain in dimensional rose gold that works for any neckline! This is a high impact piece and offers great neckline coverage!

Bracelet: Robyn Bracelet
Great layering bracelet with the same effortless beauty of the Tribute bracelet! Chic worn alone or stacked with our rose gold Rhea Bangles, Sparkly Bardot Spiral Bangle, or the Tribute bracelet!

Earrings: Pyramid Studs
The rose gold Pyramid Studs are both chic and edgy! 

Rings: Trilogy Ring
These smoky gemstones are carefully nestled in a gorgeous rose gold setting!

Look #2
Necklace: Gloria Necklace
A very versatile necklace that can be worn both doubled or as a long single strand for effortless glamour! 

Earrings: Vintage Studs- Gold
Perfect stud to work back to all your antique gold finished statement necklaces! A must have.

Bracelet: Lucia Pearl
Elegant, everyday statement piece. Combines feminine pearls with the right touch of edgier chain!

Both of these looks are every day looks, but could also turn into a fancy evening look with the right outfit! (just one of the many reasons for why I love Stella & Dot)

There is SO much more to this collection--check it out here: www.stelladot.com/EricaNAnderson

Want to earn your share in FREE fall jewelry? Let's do a trunk show! You supply the venue, invite everyone you know...and I'll supply the jewelry! It's so, so simple...
Interested? email me: enanderson18@gmail.com!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fall 2012 Sneak Preview

Stella & Dot has leaked a little preview for the Fall line...and I am beyond excited to see the entire collection!
Here's a sneak preview of what to expect...

There are a few show stoppers in this picture! I personally LOVE bracelets. I think they are a very simple way to complete an outfit. I love to have a little arm party on my left wrist, and I can't wait to add to my already awesome collection!

Statement Necklaces
Statement necklaces are HOT right now! I've learned to love and embrace statement necklaces. I will admit, at first I HATED them. I thought they were gaudy, and awkward. Simply, I had no idea how to wear them...so, I started slowly adding them into the daily rotation of outfits. Now, I turn to statement necklaces over the simple chain!

Big Rings
Big rings have been in season for a while now...I still love them! 

Orders for the Fall line start July 7! I would love to earn YOU free fall jewels. Message me to book your show! I have a few dates left in July--hurry and book your show today!
email: enanderson18@gmail.com