Tuesday, January 29, 2013

2013 Trend Report- Trend #2

2013 Trend Report—Trend #2: Black & White

"This year we became obsessed with organic, custom shapes. Take for instance the Fiona, a luminous statement necklace that's intrinsically unique. Pair it with black and rock a trend that's anything but basic." -Blythe Harris

My Opinion: Love the Fiona Bib, pair it with the Fiona earrings and you have one unbeatable, yet simply amazing look!

Shop the rest of the B & W trend here

Sunday, January 27, 2013

2013 Trend Report- Trend #1

Introducing our 2013 Trend Report—Trend #1: Color Pop!

"Embrace this look with rule-breaking brights. Dress up your favorite tees with this editorial favorite in hues of coral, rose & fuchsia." -Blythe Harris, Chief Creative Officer

My opinion: I LOVE the Spring Awakening Necklace. I personally don't own it, but it's my "goal" necklace! When I reach my trunk show goal--this is my next purchase. I can't wait to wear it with the coral, rose, fuchsia hues. It would also look absolutely fab with blues and greens!

Get in on this trend: www.stelladot.com/EricaNAnderson

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My jewelry has FINALLY arrived! I seriously feel like it's been a million years since I placed the order..
I am in LOVE with all of my pieces. I think this is the first time that I have loved everything I ordered. Yeah..that's such a weird thing to say, but it's so true. The last few orders I've placed there have been a few pieces that I ordered that I thought would "grow" on me or would "look better in person" than in the catalogue...not true.
With this line I used the thought of "If I don't love it online, I won't love it on me".

Here's why I love this new Spring line:

1. My favorite colors are pink and orange (yes, I wear them together and have an obsession)
2. I love Spring and Summer
3. I thought their line was more practical this time around (meaning--I can wear more of it to clinic!)
4. For me, the line seemed much more versatile and easier to mix & match

Here are a few pics I snapped while unpacking :)

I've got the new look books! I would love to send you one! 
Just leave me a comment and I will snail mail one out to you!

Happy Wednesday!!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Spring Line Top Picks Under $50

It's here....today is the first shopping day for the new line! 
I love the this line; it's all about 3 colors: coral, green, white/cream.
The prices of this line are so on point and can fit for anyone (which is why I love this line too!). I mean yes, I am a stylist so I get a discount...but let's be real-homegirl can't afford $50 for a bangle. But with this line, the designers worked so hard to create a variety of items that are affordable!
You can check out the entire collection by visiting www.stelladot.com/EricaNAnderson
Spring Line Top Picks Under $50

Bracelets and Bangles
Julep Bangle-$19
Also comes in: white, pink, navy

Vintage Twist Bracelet- $39
Also comes in turquoise

Zinnia Bracelet-$49

Meredith Stretch Bracelet-$34
Maya Pendant- $39
Also comes in turquoise

Valor Pendant- $39

Avalon Station Necklace-$49
Seychelles Chandeliers-$44
Also comes in a navy/turquoise combo
Soiree Studs-$24
Also comes in turquoise
Eden Studs-$24

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

It's here.....

Hello! Happy New Year!
Sorry for the long blogging hiatus--I've been disconnected from the internet world for the last 3 weeks.

With that said...I am SO excited to announce that the Spring Collection is HERE!!

So far...Here's my top 3 favorite things about this collection

1. The prices are on point and seriously affordable for ANY budget (even this poor college chick)
2. The collection has some amazing bright, fun BEAUTIFUL pieces
3. I have my eye on one amazing necklace, and I can't wait to wear it this spring!

Here's a little teaser...

Book your show for January and earn an EXTRA $50 in jewelry
Let's book your show today!
email: enanderson18@gmail.com