Saturday, January 12, 2013

Spring Line Top Picks Under $50

It's is the first shopping day for the new line! 
I love the this line; it's all about 3 colors: coral, green, white/cream.
The prices of this line are so on point and can fit for anyone (which is why I love this line too!). I mean yes, I am a stylist so I get a discount...but let's be real-homegirl can't afford $50 for a bangle. But with this line, the designers worked so hard to create a variety of items that are affordable!
You can check out the entire collection by visiting
Spring Line Top Picks Under $50

Bracelets and Bangles
Julep Bangle-$19
Also comes in: white, pink, navy

Vintage Twist Bracelet- $39
Also comes in turquoise

Zinnia Bracelet-$49

Meredith Stretch Bracelet-$34
Maya Pendant- $39
Also comes in turquoise

Valor Pendant- $39

Avalon Station Necklace-$49
Seychelles Chandeliers-$44
Also comes in a navy/turquoise combo
Soiree Studs-$24
Also comes in turquoise
Eden Studs-$24

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  1. Love all the new goodies...the Julep Bangles are so cute! And I love the new colors for the Soiree Studs too:)