Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Meet Lucia

Stella & Dot names their jewelry after strong, inspiring women. Stylist Kristen Weiss named this gorgeous necklace after her grandmother and her daughter. 

Meet Lucia: 
"I chose the name Lucia because it represents two of the most treasured people in the world to me. My husband and I named our beautiful daughter, Lucia, after my beloved grandmother. My grandmother, Lucia Neri Copolino was an Italian immigrant with a fierce sense of loyalty to her family and a heart full of love. She had an incredible work ethic and lived her life with a sense of grace, dignity and daily kindness towards others. 
Cherished memories of my grandmother in her kitchen, preparing our Sunday family feasts fills my heart because her effort to create quality time as a family was of the utmost importance. My grandmother was a bit of a fashionista back in her day and I know she would be tickled pink by having a piece of jewelry named after her."

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