Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Inspired Style: Olivia Bib Necklace

Before I get to the story behind the Olivia Bib, I want to take a moment and gush about how much I love this piece. When I was ordering my Fall samples, I wasn't sure if I should order this piece. It was kind of expensive, I wasn't sure if I would actually wear it....and if I did wear it, would I look totally ridiculous in it. Since I am a new stylist and booking shows has been a slow process for me I waited a few days to think "logically" about the purchase..really I just could hear my boyfriend's voice in my head saying to me "do you NEED it, or do you just really WANT it.." I decided I needed it (logical, I know).

Let's just say I have worn this piece probably 3 times,  and I have gotten TONS of complements every time I've worn it. I've worn this necklace (paired with the Gigi earrings) with black, green, and blue tops. I'm sure it would look amazing with other prints and stripes. It's a show stopper, and I highly recommend it. It seriously takes an "okay" or "average" outfit to an "awesome" outfit.

Alright...back to how the Olivia Bib got its name:

"My daughter, Olivia inspires me with her incredible sense of style. From a very young age, she would just put crazy things together. Olivia can mix feminine pieces with boyish or edgier items and they just "work." Whether she is going to school, work, or out hiking, she never leaves the house without making some sort of fashion statement! She LOVES Stella & Dot and wears it everyday. Taking a statement necklace and wearing it with a plaid flannel shirt or loading up her arms with wrap bracelets. Her style is unexpected, and so inspiring!"

If you are LOVING this necklace as much as I do I HIGHLY encourage you to check it out on my website

So..okay, you love it but it's kind of a "budget breaker" for you..I get it, really I do (I'm a chiropractic student) here are a few options for you:
1. Host a trunk show (online or in person)
:by hosting a show, YOU can earn this necklace for FREE

2. You look at my website and fall in LOVE with the entire collection
:YOU can become an Independent Stylist just like me

Still have questions? Leave me a comment or send me an email at enanderson18@gmail.com

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