Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Deck the Halls with Stella & Dot..

Yesterday I gave my picks on gifts for my cousins and friends. Today is all about my mom. My mom is not only my best friend, but absolutely completely amazing. I really have no words to describe her, because she's awesome. She's been a sports mom, a booster mom, a single mom when my dad is deployed, a military wife, and works an extra full time job as a logistics manager. She is on her feet every day at work, so wearing long jewelry is out of the picture for her..and she doesn't wear earrings...or sparkly, fancy rings. Which leaves me to simple necklaces, scarves, and bracelets!

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With Love Necklace
Super simple and beautiful. I can add my birthstone as well as my brother's birthstone to make it even more personal. She will always have her kids with her! 

Gloria Necklace
My mom is the queen of gray, black, brown and slowly incorporating jewel tones into her wardrobe. This would go with 99% of her wardrobe!

Vintage Twist Bracelet
She has the Luna Wrap bracelet, and loves it. She could layer this bracelet with the Luna. Talk about a party on her arm!
Signature iPhone Case-Poppy
My mom has the iPhone 4S and could use an update to her case. Plus it's totally adorable--it also comes in green!

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