Monday, October 29, 2012

Hey Everyone!
I have taken a blogging hiatus, but now I'm back! School has been totally nutso lately- had a huge exam to prepare for, plus patients, and class...the list is endless. But, the test is over (woo!) and I get my results this week (*fingers crossed*).

Here's what's new in my world of Stella & Dot:
The holiday's are around the corner and will be here before you know it! I am a student, by student I mean I take 26.5 credits a quarter, see patients, try to have a life and study. Therefore- I online shop. It's 1,000,000x easier for me. Yes, I do miss the hustle and bustle of the malls (especially since I live in Georgia and it doesn't really have the wintery feel for this northern gal); but, for the sake of convenience and my sanity I shop online.

I want to help you out with everyone on your holiday checklist:

There's seriously something for everyone at Stella & Dot. 

 Today I am featuring 3 different gifts I would give my cousins and closest girl friends:
Tree of Life- part of the charms collection. Also comes in silver. You can add other charms to this necklace for a more customized gift.

Radiance Coil Bracelet
It's simple with some sparkle. Perfect for any occasion.

Light, Courage, Love Bracelets
These are casual bracelets, ideal for layering to create that perfect arm party.
They are only $19 each...a total steal.

Also check out the Think PINK boutique. There are so many limited edition beautiful pieces, once the items are sold out- they are gone....forever. My grandmother has battled breast cancer, and is now in remission-- but in her honor and to support the Noreen Fraser Foundation, I purchased the (now sold out) Luna Wrap bracelet and I love it! There is still the scarf, and tech wallets available as well as the Hope bracelet! end this awesomely random post- I am doing a holiday giveaway on A Modern Day Fairy Tale's Blog. Ms. Randi, the blogger has written such a sweet review about Stella & Dot and her 100% honest opinion of the product. I wrote a little ditty featuring the company as a whole, my favorite items under $100 and a brief statement as to how I got involved with Stella & Dot. In return if you follow her blog, and follow my blog you are entered to win a $50 gift card to Stella & Dot. I also believe if you shop her online party (Shop Randi's Show) that increases your chances to win. 

You too can host your own online party and earn free and reduced priced jewelry, which is totally perfect for the holiday season. It's really an awesome way to give gifts. I would really love to give you more information about hosting a holiday online party, or if you are in the Atlanta area- lets do a show at your home! Send me a message ( and I'll fill you in on all the in's/out's of hosting a show! 

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  1. Good luck with your exam results!
    And thank you again for sponsoring! I'm so excited to share Stella & Dot with all my readers, and really looking forward to those hostess rewards too!! :)