Saturday, June 2, 2012

Celebrate Summer in Style!

Book your show today!
For the month of June if you have a show that has 4 orders that total to be $500 or more, YOU the hostess earn an $50 in FREE credits!

Here's the benefit break down of hosting a show:

Let's get booking!
Send me a message!
I would LOVE to book a show with you!
Shows only take a few hours--it's a really fun time! I bring my sample, you and all your friends try on the goods, catalogues will be provided so everyone can see the entire fabulous line--and it's as easy as that!

OK, so let's say you WANT to host a show, but just don't have time. No worries! We can do an ONLINE show, where I send you a link, you pass it around to all your friends, family , neighbors, co-workers..etc. The link stays open for 3 weeks, and you still can reap all the Hostess benefits that way!

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