Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday Must Haves

There are so many awesome pieces that are a "Must Have" this season I thought I would feature a few of them!

"Must Have"- Silver! If you are a silver gal here are the top picks for you! 
(From Left to Right)

These are all fabulous picks, and are top sellers. Personally, I have the Luna Wrap bracelet and love it. I love the mix of the metals and the fact that I can wear it with silver jewelry, gold jewelry, colored gemstones, etc. 

"Must Have"- Gold! If you are a gold gal like me, here are the top picks for you!

Many of these picks are from our fall and holiday line, so they are all so new! I have the Gitane Tassel Necklace, and love how you can wear it multiple ways. You can even take the tassel off (it clips on/off) and just wear the beaded chain. This is how I wear the necklace when I am in clinic, and then I don't hit my patients in the face with my necklace. I just ordered the Serenity Stone Drops with this holiday order, and they are really pretty. I don't think online does them justice. I personally would wear the Gitane Tassel and the Serenity Stones together. 
Lastly, I have the Light bracelet as well as the Love and Courage bracelets. Here's my honest opinion on them....I have bear paws for hands, but my wrists are a normal size. I have a hard time getting them over my hand, but they fit perfect on my wrist because it is an adjustable tie. My concern- the chains on them are a little flimsy, I'm worried my bear paws will break it. BUT, they are beautiful and are super sparkly!

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  1. I might have to add the tassel necklace to my pretty:)