Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorial Day Sale--Under $50

Happy Memorial Weekend!
Memorial Weekend is one of my favorite times of the year--it officially feels like SUMMER! I have always felt that Memorial Weekend is the kickoff to Summer--the pools open, the neighborhood smells like grill, watermelon and corn-on-the-cob (I'm a Nebraska girl...).
This year for Memorial Weekend, I will have to forego all the fun and hit the books...with a HUGE exam on Tuesday, I have no room to mess around. keep up with the Friday fashion I am doing a MEMORIAL SALE under $50 post.
Yes, for this weekend only--certain items will be on sale. I encourage you to check every thing out.
Today is the LAST day for the Hostess sale--for $30 purchased, you are entered to win FREE jewelry.

Memorial Sale Bracelets UNDER $50

1. The Corso Cuff ($41.30). This bracelet is adjustable and is a very versatile piece.

2. The Nugget Wrap Bracelet ($31.20). This bracelet has made an appearance once or twice before on this blog. It happens to be one of my personal fav's. I have this bracelet in silver, it also comes in gold. Easy to layer. It's a great piece--highly recommend!

3. The Pyramid Double Wrap Bracelet ($47.20). Another bracelet that has made an appearance on the blog--I think it's a sign, I need this bracelet. This is a great casual wear piece--great to layer!!

4. **SPLURGE** The Audrey Cluster Bracelet ($51. 75). This is a great piece that can look "fancy" but can also look "simple and classy." It's a versatile piece. It's an antiqued gold chain, with sparkly pave balls, acrylic pearls, and glass stones with champagne and chocolate "pops" of color.

Memorial Sale Necklaces UNDER $50

1. The Pave Ellipse Necklace ($48.30). A great, simple piece with a little bit of sparkle!

2. The Jezebel Pendant Necklace ($23.80). This is a brass oxidized pendant, inspired by a vintage locket. Every time I see this piece I think of Indiana Jones. I know, I'm so weird... I would pair this with either the gold nugget wrap bracelet and/or the Vintage Twist Bracelet-gold ($39.00)

3. The Ever After Necklace ($47.20). On a 16" gold chain with a lobster clasp. This would be a simple every day piece to wear. It would match with many different bracelets, rings or earrings.

Memorial Sale Earrings UNDER $50

1. The Devi CZ Hoop Earrings ($35.20). Gold hoops with a some shine (they also come in silver)! Put this with the Ever After Necklace and you have a complete look!

2.  The Corso Hoops ($27.30). Pair these simple beauties with the Corso cuff!

I encourage you to check out the rest of the Under $50 collection as well as the Memorial Sale!
Don't forget to place those orders: 

For the month of May- all shipping $5.95

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