Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wishlist Wednesday

I've decided that every Wednesday I will post a few items that have caught my eye and share it with you all. Wednesday's are now "Wishlist Wednesday."
Now, you may be thinking..."how can a stylist have "wish list's" when they sell the product." Well....that's a great question, you see, I only have a limited collection of items and since I am on a student budget (which is not much), I have many items on my wish list! we go!
Category: Bracelets
Side note: I LOVE bracelets, hate watches (weird...I know)

1. The Zulu Cuff. This is a limited edition piece, that I would describe as a "diamond in the rough" kind of piece. The brass cuff with the scalloped detail on top is really interesting. I feel like this piece is an architecture's dream--it's a statement bracelet for sure!

2. The Luxor Link Bracelet. This bracelet has been in the press--you may have seen it in Redbook or People. It is a 12K gold bracelet geometric bracelet that is perfect alone or layered. 

Category: Necklaces, specifically Charm Necklaces

1. The Liv Multi Charm Necklace. I've never been a "fan" of charm necklaces. I'm not exactly sure why...maybe my middle school days of "best friends forever" charm necklaces may have been why--you know, the necklaces where one person wears "best friends" the other wears "forever"..and it lasts for like 2 weeks. BUT this charm necklace is like a million times cooler--I like how this necklace has a little bit of gold, a little bit of silver, and a whole lot of class.
I have a lot that I could wear with this--so this piece would be a smart purchase for me!

2. The Third Time's a Charm Necklace. This piece has a lot to go around-gold, rose gold, silver and a pave ball all from a gold link chain. Flaunt this piece with a silver, gold, or rose gold bangle and you are set!

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